Things To Consider In Wearing Jewelry While Traveling


Your destination can tells you what jewelry you bring

Going to a luxury resort on the somewhere in Asia? If yes, you’ll need to bring up your extravagant jewelries! If you are you going on adventure like mountain climbing or trekking somewhere? Then a waterproof  accessories is your best friend. Sport watch and stud bracelets and earrings may be all you really need. Bringing few number of pieces of jewelry is necessary no matter what place you are going to.

It is very important to think about the security of of your destination

Securing your expensive possession is your top priority while traveling. In a place like luxurious resort, they always have a safe in the room to store your unworn jewelry and belongings. On the other hand if you are going on a rural or countryside area, just bring one or two that you’ll wear everyday because you never know what may happens in an outdoor trips. Bring something that can complement your outfit it with some inexpensive accessories so losing or misplacing it will never be a big thing.

Do you know that your jewelry is always sending message?

As you present your self wearing jewelries fake or real. No one can really tells you that, but always consider your destination and what type of transportation you will ride on that travels. Travelling with a train example, avoid wearing show-off jewelries because you will never know your co-passenger might try to approach you nicely to get your attention and distract you big time. Just be smart in choosing jewelries to wear to avoid being targeted by thieves.

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While transporting with your jewelry

Avoid putting your jewelries in your luggage bags,  either you wear it or put it inside your handbag. You will never know if the baggage handlers will be tempted or not just avoid it. Always put your expensive possessions on your carry-on bag  for your peace of mind while and after traveling.

Traveling with a small jewelry box

Why not, A solid box that can protect your jewelry from dent is really handy. It must be small enough to fit your purse with the lid securely snapped closed and that will be a safe haven for your jewelries.

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