What Clothes To Buy For Newborn Babies


What do mom needs for the first 30 days? This is just one of the many questions a first-time mom would ask. Honestly, there’s nothing much. As a mom, you will be occupied getting over the delivery and enjoy being a mom that your baby’s outfits will prove to you that they are much less important than you thought they were before the arrival of the baby.

And remember, babies, grow fast in a short time. Your baby will arrive home very tiny, but trust me when I say, newborn sizes won’t fit for too long. Save your budget for 0-3 month clothing and up. As much as possible, try to resist the urge to shop too much for baby clothing in advance, because you will have a better idea of the styles and sizes that best work for you once your little bundle of joy comes

Here’s a very basic list of what parents should have on hand when the baby arrives. The numbers for each item are estimates; exactly how much you need depends on how often you intend to do laundry.

Infant Gowns (2-4)

Stick with these infant gowns until the baby’s cord stump falls off. The infant gowns are the best way to keep it clean and irritation-free and provide easy diaper access while keeping the baby covered.

Bodysuits Or Onesies (4-8)

Opt for loose legs and wide head openings for bodysuits or onesies. Because it can be traumatic for you, especially for the baby, to put things over her little head, so look for baby clothing that avoids the head; for example, Ts,  side-snap kimono-style shirts, etc

Undershirts Or Vest (4-8)

Again, only look for wide head openings or snaps at the shoulder. They must also snap under the crotch; otherwise, they will ride up.

One-Piece Pajamas (4-8)

And if you’re the only one at home with the baby, make one-piece PJs daytime clothing too. One-piece items are the easiest to dress the baby in.

Blanket Sleepers (2)

Sleepers are way safer than blankets during the night, but be sure to avoid anything that involves drawstrings, which are a strangulation hazard.

Sweaters Or Jackets (1-3)

Be sure the button of the sweaters or jackets is in the front since babies spend most of their time lying down. offer more styles just for you


Rompers Or Other Dress-Up Outfits (1-3)

These are probably the least essential items on the list, but the hats are off to you if you have the will and motivation to get your baby dressed up for a day at grandma.

Pairs Of Socks Or Booties (4-7)

Shoes are not essential until the baby can walk.

Hats (4-6)

For a summer baby, get broad-brimmed sun hats to shield him from the sun, and for a winter baby, opt for caps that are soft that cover their ears. Or, do it on booties or hats because these are least likely to get ruined by spit-up and will make any outfit look adorable.


These must-have essentials are even perfect during summer and are excellent for babies that grow their nails fast, preventing them from pricking themselves. Try the onesies that buckle over baby’s hands, so they can still protect themselves from scratch, even if they pull off the mittens. offer more styles just for you offer more styles just for youLovelyWholesale is a global fashion store that sells all types of fashionable clothing, shoes, jewelries, sexy lingerie and other accessories. They focus on high quality, keep an eye on every detail and follow the fashion tide of the world just to be updated in every fashion trends. LovelyWholesale offers exceptional low wholesale price, good quality and fantastic service at the same time. Visit for flash sale and special discounts available at their store page.


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