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With every new year, fashion trends come and go. What’s in, what’s out and what’s never coming back is always the question. Plus, everyone wants to look in vogue and give those trends a shot before they die down. Whether it’s trendy tops for women or bell bottoms, old trends get remixed updates and fresh trends come to the fore every now and then, but there are a bunch of amazing trends which never fade and will come to your rescue every time.

Without thinking twice, it’s time to add these trends to your wardrobe now!

1. Florals

As beautiful as they look, floral prints are a timeless trend which will never tone down. Floral tops for women bring with them a sense of femininity. It’s believed that the origin of the floral print dates back to centuries ago and it was seen on Japanese kimonos – its survived until today. To make floral tops for women all the more attractive, more colors and prints have been added to the mix. You can pair your floral tops with a plain skirt or jeans or vice versa. With a pair of statement earrings and wedges, you’ll have a complete look that’s perfect for any occasion.
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2. Glitzy sequins

When you think of dressy tops for ladies, glamorous should come to your mind. What’s better than sequins for a little razzle-dazzle?
Back in the 70s and 90s, sequins were seen on Broadway, the silver screen and were considered to be a symbol of glamour. Since their inception, top designers like Ashish Gupta, Balmain and Rodarte have made use of sequin. Today, they are spun off with modern interpretations. When you pick trendy tops for women with sequin, the thumb rule is simplicity. Since sequin adds drama to your look, you need to keep the other elements subtle.

3. Animal prints

In the yesteryears, leopard and tiger skin was used to produce warm clothes in cold countries. Over the years, to keep animals unharmed, these exotic patterns are reproduced on fabrics. Famous personalities like Marilyn Monroe took over the trend and turned it into a striking fashion statement.
Trendy tops for women with animal prints can be worn with boyfriend jeans or colored trousers. Want less of the print then opt for a scarf or a bag with the print. Whatever you choose, this trend is here to stay.
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4. Military prints and 

Military gear such as cargo pants, army jackets and camouflage clothing, have transpired into a source of inspiration over the years. It’s a unisex trend and plenty of men and women tops online are available for those who want to sport this look. Most big fashion house such as Burberry, Gucci, Givenchy and Dolce and Gabbana have included the military trend in their own unique way. Your wardrobe should include a good cargo jacket, pants or cargo trendy tops for women. It’s an everlasting style and one worth investing in.

5. Tie and dye

If you feel your wardrobe needs a little something else, you can always reach out for dressy tops for ladies with an unexpected tie and dye print. From Proenza to Prada, the fashion world saw the revival of the nostalgic print in a more contemporary manner. Despite what you think, tie-dye is a versatile print which comes in multiple patterns, color combinations and intensities. You can easily pair trendy tops for women with tie and dye print with a variety of bottoms for a cool and funky look.
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What’s your pick?

From pencil skirts to off shoulder tops for women, you can rock these trends in any outfit. Plus, they’re versatile pieces which can be worn on multiple occasions. Pick your favorite out of the lot and purchase women tops online which will last you forever.

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