Tucking Your Shirt Like A Street Style Pro


Tucking in your shirt can elevate your look to a chic new level. However, not all the styles to tuck in your shirt are made equally, and there are right times and a place for each style. Keep reading to learn more about the art of tucking in your shirt.

The Half-Tuck

To add the perfect amount of waist-defining shape, try the half-tuck, which gives you a cool, deliberately undone look. A button-down shirt is a simple option for this type of tuck.

The Front-Tuck

There’s also an in-between style called the front-tuck or French-tuck. It’s the best option if you want to define your waist without making it the focal point. Transform any sweater or knit by tucking in a few inches of material in the front.


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The Full-Tuck

If you’re going to a meeting, the full-tuck is the safest way to pull your look together. Tucking in your blouse all the way around draws together your ensemble; thus, it gives you a professional effect. After you have completely tucked in, try raising your arms overhead to untuck the right amount of fabric.

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