Ways To Achieve That Sophisticated Fashion In Style Look



It is often easy to assume, to look sophisticated, one needs to overspend. However, you can still make a more grown-up look without buying anything by learning a few new styling tricks. Colors can make a big difference, as well as accessories. Keep scrolling to learn more ways you can make your look more sophisticated.

Appearance first

Your face and hair is the most crucial spot to start with to achieve the look you desire. It’s the first thing people look at you, so your skin, hair, and makeup must look as pleasant, refined, and polished as the rest of your look.

Dress appropriately

To achieve a real sophisticated look, you should dress modestly yet in a fashionable way. Opt for simple necklines and hem lengths, and the fits should not be too revealing. In short, the more covered you are, the more likely you are to be going in the right direction.

Go for structure and tailoring

Keep an eye for tailored separates, semi-fitted jackets, structured silhouettes, and even classic style structured bag shapes like satchels, frame bags, and doctor bags to your wardrobe. They can be great props to your polished, sophisticated look.


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Select the right fabrics

Fabrics that define a sophisticated image are of high-quality, a soft pliable hand, a fine weave, little to minimal texture, and are matte to a subtle sheen. Choose fabrics like silk, wool, cotton, cashmere, fine velvet, and microfiber. Any woman will feel like a queen.

Layer stylishly

Less is more when trying to achieve the polished look, think non-bulky, and you’re halfway there. If you’re wearing a dress with an additional layer, like a structured jacket or pashmina shawl, it is more than enough. For tailored separates, a maximum of three-layered pieces is a must.


Hue and contrast

For a sophisticated look, steer clear of deep prints and neon tones, which put your look in a trendier territory. Subtle prints from low to medium contrast are the best. Neutral shades like white, black, navy, and gray are also great. Nude tones and beige are a ladylike approach to the look.

Color coordinate

Color coordinating your outfit doesn’t mean wearing only one color, from head to toe, it means that one element of your look visually correlates to another.


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Add some accessories

You don’t need a lot of accessories to achieve sophistication. Keep your accessories, particularly your jewelry to a minimum, is a certified way to look stylishly sophisticated. Always go for classic styles, in medium to small sizes, and avoid wearing large and imposing jewelry to prevent from looking garish.

Tips and toes

Make sure that when you’re planning to head out for the day, your fingers are well-manicured. Try to avoid nail loud colors or nail art. A classic French tip manicure or timeless colors like beige, taupe, soft pink, nude, and red are all perfect. Round, oval, or round-square shapes are flawlessly in-sync with your look. Avoid long, pointed nails as they send the wrong message.

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