What Men Should Wear During The Spring


Shop your next Gadget at DX.comWhat Men Should Wear During The Spring

It’s not only women who need to be ready for this season, but men should too. Remember, the spring season is the start of warmer weather, which means it’s time to wear comfy fabrics to keep you cool while also in style.


Opt for a short-sleeve polo shirt, tailored design in a light color. It’s a smart wardrobe piece for a semi-professional look.Shop your next Gadget at

You can wear a tank top and layer it beneath other apparel while the weather is still cool, or wear it alone if the temperature starts climbing early.

Fitted tees are incredibly versatile. Wear one on days you feel like being casual, or dress them on days you feel like you want to be more stylish.

A shirt tunic is a loose-fitting garment that comes down to your mid-thigh. They are often made of cotton or lightweight material, making them ideal for spring weather.Shop your next Gadget at


Windbreaker jackets are essential during the first month or two of the season. They block out the chilly breezes of early spring and also protect you from light rain.Shop your next Gadget at

Trench coats are made of lightweight material, making them suitable for the season.


Wear a pair of linen cargo pants that can be both stylish and practical.Shop your next Gadget at


Pick a simple lace style or slip-on shoe. These two are perfect to have for everyday use, as well as for running errands.Shop your next Gadget at

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